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The Impact of Food on Feeling Overwhelmed

I know, I know. Eating more veg is not the first thing you might think of when you're feeling stressed, exhausted, and overwhelmed. But what if I told you it was one of the quickest ways to get yourself back on track and feeling in control of your life?

Are you thinking right now: "Wait, what? How can what I put into my mouth possibly influence how I feel?"

Well, there are MANY links between what (and how!) you eat and your mental wellbeing. Just a few examples:

  1. If your blood sugar is out of balance you are more likely to feel impatient, unable to focus, and craving naughty snacks (that keep your blood sugar out of balance - voilà, vicious cycle).

  2. Your diet dictates the composition of your gut bacteria which have a direct phone line (aka the vagus nerve) to your brain, influencing your mood and decisions. The more balanced and diverse your diet, the more diverse your beneficial bacteria that boost your stress resilience.

  3. You can use your main meals as anchor points to structure your day around and snack/ hot drink times as scheduled breaks.

Don't know where to start or how to sustain a balanced diet? Thankfully I have a simple 4-week roadmap with step-by-step lessons on using your diet and lifestyle to Overcome Overwhelm.

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Hi, I'm Nina. I'm a Nutritional Therapist, millenial-corporate-bee-turned-working-mum and your personal focus & energy coach.

I teach busy people like you how to eat and live to be healthier and feel better. 



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