5 days to upgrade your morning hours and set you up for a healthy and productive day ahead

01/02/2021 - 05/02/2021


You might know that there are elements of your morning routine that could use a little upgrade. Finding the motivation and knowing where to start can feel overwhelming, especially while working/ studying/ managing your entire life from home… 


I want to help you get focussed and get started, and keep you motivated to make small yet very effective enhancements to the first few hours of your day.

Even, no, ESPECIALLY if you’re drowning in work/home-schooling/lockdown madness - this free challenge is exactly what you need to kick start those good intentions and start to feel like the most balanced, focused and productive version of yourself.

Here’s what's going to happen when you take part in the challenge:

  • You’ll receive daily prompts to help you upgrade elements of your personal morning routine.

  • You’ll be supported and held accountable through other challenge participants, because knowing what to do is only part of the solution.

  • You’ll get unstuck and your questions answered with daily live Q&A’s with me, your personal nutrition & lifestyle coach/ cheerleader.

  • You’ll receive tools to assess how you’re doing right now and compare where you get to in only 5 days. 

  • You’ll receive some amazing goodies as a reward at the end of the challenge. 

You’re in the right place my friend to massively improve your mental and physical resilience through upgrading the first hours of your day.

By the end of this challenge,

you will have:


  • Committed to a daily wake-up time that makes sense for you and supports your health & productivity

  • Developed a morning routine that calibrates your mind, body and soul for the day ahead and aligns with your personal goals and values

  • Implemented principles of a healthy breakfast to boost your energy and lift your mood, focusing on how you eat as well as what you eat

  • Crafted a toolkit of daily morning rituals such as mediation, exercise and goal setting to support your mental and physical wellbeing

“Going through Nina’s challenge was an eye-opening, life-changing experience.


It made me address the reality of my lifestyle & diet. In the end, it had become ‘a way of life’, requiring no conscious effort! Nina provides the knowledge, incentive and enthusiasm to live and eat healthily whilst losing none of life’s pleasure and infinite variety.” 


- Sue

Ready to take control of your morning, day and life?Join now, for FREE.

I personally cannot wait to guide you through this 5-day challenge…


I'm Nina, a Registered Nutritional Therapist + Lifestyle Coach and I've been there! I'm a working mum, and I know how hard it can initially feel to take ownership of your morning. But I also know what riches await you at the end of the rainbow. Now it's my job to coach and motivate YOU to make the small changes that will transform your morning, your health and your live.

Joining my free 5-day MORNING ROUTINE CHALLENGE is the first step to a new you. In joining, you can get really clear on the areas you need to work on and see how they will have improved after only 5 days.


I look forward to meeting you personally inside the morning routine challenge.


Warmest wishes,

Questions You Might Have About The Challenge

How much TIME do I need to invest in this challenge?

There will be a short 5-10 minute video explaining the day's focus point plus a short daily Q&A on Tuesday to Friday, the length of which depends on how ever long it takes to get you unstuck and make you feel supported, but probably no longer than 15 minutes. So to consume all the content in it's entirety will be about the length of one Shitt's Creek/ Friends/ The Good Place episode. Implementing the content into your real life could be just as quick but of course that completely depends on your starting point and where you want to get within the 5 days.

Will I need to COUNT CALORIES or end up feeling deprived with your breakfast suggestions?

This is a big fat NO WAY friend! Counting calories is not allowed in my nutrition practice - it's an outdated concept for WW and the like. The breakfast principles are based around stabilising your blood sugar, keeping you fuller for longer and, more than anything else, bringing the joy of eating into your busy morning.

What if I'm just NOT A MORNING PERSON?

I will not make you get up at 5am! This challenge is all about defining how "morning" and "routine" can work for you in a sustainable way. You get to look at my daily suggestions, maybe try them on, and only keep the ones that really fit.

Can I TRACK MY PROGRESS in this challenge?

You decide what progress looks like for yourself. We will complete a health & energy questionnaire at the beginning and end of the challenge so that you can put some numbers behind your achievements (who doesn't love numbers!).
But along the way, if you lose motivation, I and your fellow challengers will be by your side to hold you accountable.

“It was great learning so much from Nina, especially to understand why we made nutrition and lifestyle changes and what effect they have on my body. I thought I was eating healthy and moving regularly and was pleasantly surprised by how much working with Nina affected my body in a positive way.”


- Anna

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