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Three Juicy Ways To Move More While Working From Home

(Guest post by Lillian Cheung)

2020 has been an interesting year. Most of us had to make lifestyle changes because of lockdown which made it challenging to stay motivated for workouts. As someone who used to go to the gym regularly, I’ve also found it hard to make exercise a priority, when working from home means the only steps you take is from your couch to the bathroom or from the couch to the fridge.

It’s a no brainer, we all know that exercise is crucial to our overall well-being, but it is also understandable to not feel like it or not have the time to when you no longer have access to a fitness studio nor own workout equipment.

So I would like to share with you some tips that I found helpful while navigating this new quarantine/work from home lifestyle.

1. Make Everyday Tasks More Active

Studies have shown that exercise helps release endorphins which triggers happy and positive feelings in the body. This can boost your mood, lower stress hormones and improve sleep. But exercising doesn’t have to be narrowed down to being in workout gear ready to go run or lift weights in a gym.

Everyday activities like walking your kids to the bus stop or cleaning the house count. The goal is to get your body moving!

Choose the stairs rather than the elevator, do floor exercises while watching TV, or walk to the store instead of driving. If you are busy working from home then consider standing up to stretch and walk around the house on your bathroom or coffee breaks or be creative and do 10 squats each time you open the fridge or walk past a doorway.

Any small changes can help, you just need to find a way to add movement into your routine that works for your body and schedule to get that blood flowing!

2. Do What You Love So That Exercise Feels Fun

Adding physical activity to your day not only helps you feel stronger and more agile to tackle daily tasks but also helps protect memory and thinking skills. It is recommended to exercise 30-minute a day. If this sounds like too much, consider breaking it down to three 10-minute workouts throughout the day.

Remember…it doesn’t need to be this intense workout filled with jumping and complex moves and equipment. Exercise should not feel like something you dread. Find things you love doing so you can look forward to it.

Make exercise fun by changing it up so you are not repeating the same routine. There are plenty of choices from dancing, yoga, hiking, jump rope or a HIIT workout. Don’t forget all the “apartment-friendly, no equipment, low impact” fitness videos to try out on Youtube for inspiration!

If you like a sense of community and doing it with people, good options can be joining a group class (outdoors or via Zoom), walking in the city and discovering new places with friends or playing a game that consists of moving around with the kids and family.

3. Set A Goal To Keep Yourself Accountable

Setting an intention can help keep you on track with your goals.

Ask yourself what do you want to achieve and why do you want to work out? Is it to live a longer and healthier life so you can be there for your family? Is it to feel more confident in your body and to boost your energy levels? Having a clear idea of why you’re doing this, can motivate you to continue to do the good work.

Having a workout partner may be a fun way to enjoy quality time with your friend as well as keeping each other accountable. Committing to a 2week or 30day challenge can also be a great way to get the ball rolling and develop exercising as a part of your life.

Using fitness apps or setting an attainable goal and I repeat… an attainable one such as doing 8000 steps a day are good ways to visually see and track your progress. Being realistic with your goals will help motivate you rather than overwhelm you, the small wins are just as important!

You Do You!

In conclusion, you are the expert of your body, so be open to different things to figure out what works best for you and your lifestyle. You don’t need expensive equipment or do a hardcore program if that’s not what you’re into.

The goal is to make exercise a habit and part of your routine so find things you enjoy and create attainable ways to make movement doable in your busy schedule.

Lillian is a certified group fitness instructor who specialises in strength and conditioning. Her mission is to help people in their fitness journey in feeling more confident and stronger than yesterday.

She currently teaches Tabata style classes where the workout is short but intense which is perfect for people with busy lives. To join her 30-minute Zoom classes follow and message her on Instagram @oceanlile and she’ll send you a weekly link. 💪

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