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On being overdue... again.

This is a very personal blog for a change. I have been getting so many questions about my second pregnancy so I thought you might enjoy some insights into my little bump world and what it's like being overdue, again, as an entrepreneur, with a 2.5 year old toddler around.

Going past the due date (it was 5 days ago today) is something I'm familiar with. After all, my son was a whole 14 days 'late'. Not very German LOL And as someone who always likes to be in control, just sitting and waiting is not the easiest state for me to be in.⁣

BUT if being a mum and entrepreneur has thought me anything over the past few years, it's that patience pays off. Obviously, my baby girl isn't quite ready for this crazy world yet, so I'll do my best to stay calm.

Here are some things I have been doing to pass the time and stay sane:

  • MIND: doing my hypnobirthing breathwork and getting everything ready for the big day⁣

  • BODY: trying to maximise my nutrient intake (loads of veg & probiotic foods) while not stressing about my sugar cravings; getting as much sleep as I possibly can (yes my 5am routine is out the window right now); and daily walks (aiming for 6-8k steps, more just turns me into a complete vegetable unable to leave the sofa from about 4pm)

  • SOUL: catching up with friends IRL wherever possible or with long phone chats and adult colouring book (love it!)

I haven’t been talking much about this pregnancy on my various channels and keep being asked why that is.

I’m still reflecting on it…

I believe part of it is that expecting my second baby is just one aspect of my complex life and personality. I’m a nutrition & lifestyle coach, entrepreneur, toddler mum, regen farming enthusiast, wife, introverted social animal (yup) and bookworm… who happens to be pregnant. Not my absolute favourite state of being if I'm completely honest. I quite enjoy being in control of my body, emotions and cravings.

Secondly, my profession is my passion. During my working hours I am so focused on helping ambitious women prioritise their health that, quite frankly, I forget that I’m growing a person inside of me. Admittedly that’s become more difficult as she grew and her ever stronger kicks left me breathless.

Thirdly, and this is something I haven’t shared much about yet, this pregnancy didn’t just happen without struggles. And because I know how stressful it can be ttc without getting disheartened (let’s be real) by all the glammed up bumps we see everywhere, I just want to be respectful of all the amazing women out there trying to keep it together. I see you.

But here’s the thing: my little baby is coming, any day now. So I better get to grips with the reality of her turning my world upside down VERY soon. That includes sharing my real raw truth with you. And that truth also includes me being very excited about having a daughter, about being in the baby bubble again and being able to take a step back from my ambitious routine.

That's my summary for you: whenever you struggle with prioritising the different aspects of your life, it can be very helpful to just take a step back and appreciate that the really important things and moments won't last forever. And that we better hold on to them and enjoy them to the fullest.

If you'd like some help with that check out my signature 4-week course Overcome Overwhelm. In module 1 we take a holistic view at your life in order to prioritise your (health) goals. You're not in this alone x

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Hi, I'm Nina. I'm a Nutritional Therapist, millenial-corporate-bee-turned-working-mum and your personal focus & energy coach.

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