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Leading a balanced, focused and energetic workforce. Making your team feel looked after. Enabling them to be their best. I can guide you there.

2020 has changed the way we work with many corporate teams working from home, feeling effects of isolation and learning how to communicate in new and different ways. This includes Corporate Wellness, which has moved online just as many other services have. Talks can now happen live or be recorded and, along with coaching tools, recipes and ebooks make a massive difference to employees working from home.

Digital Corporate Health and Wellbeing Bundles

The main aim of my Digital Corporate Health and Wellbeing Bundles is to promote health while (partially) working from home. The nutritional recommendations are also specifically designed to support energy levels, mental health and the immune system which I believe are all crucial in these demanding times. The bundles are suitable for everyone and will provide bite-sized practical tips for eating well and feeling well and include family friendly recipes and healthy lifestyle habits. 


Each bundle includes of a 20 minute zoom session (which can be organised as a lunch&learn for example), relevant recipes, an article summarising the session and, if appropriate,  an accompanying e-book. Bundles can be tailored, but typical topics include:

  • Breaking the snack habit

  • Eating more vegetables

  • Healthy breakfast

  • How to plan and cook balanced meals

  • Escaping the sugar trap

  • Healthy hydration

Prices start at £250 per bundle. 

Example Programme

The bundles can be assembled to a programme where the programme title, length (i.e. number of bundles) and frequency (weekly or monthly) can be tailored to your needs. An example programme might look like this:

Week 1: Lunch&learn zoom session on a Friday about "Bundle 1" with 15 minutes of content, actionable steps for the week ahead and 5 minutes of Q&A, followed by a summary article sent out to the team including 2 healthy snack recipes. 

Week 2: Bundle 2

Week 3: Bundle 3

Week 4: Bundle 4

Week 5: Bundle 5

Week 6: Bundle 6

A Nina Fischer Nutrition Digital Corporate Health and Wellbeing Programme brings education, inspiration and motivation to your whole team – the message is that making small changes can add up to big differences – for long term health improvements. Imagine getting everyone feeling healthier, more focused and more connected.

Next Steps

To make an enquiry please get in touch below with your details and I will be in touch to discuss your requirements and determine the best suitable bundles and programme set-up. I look forward to working with you!

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