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Yes, you can feel your best and be in control of your busy life by upgrading the way you eat and applying my easy every day health hacks & techniques.


Book a complimentary health & energy review to receive:

  • half an hour with a nutrition expert

  • a health & energy questionnaire for you to complete beforehand which we'll discuss

  • personalised key recommendations you can implement straight away


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capable & strong

Hi, I'm Nina. I'm a Nutritional Therapist, millenial-corporate-bee-turned-working-mum and your personal focus & energy coach.

I teach women like you how to eat and live to be healthier, feel more focused and confident - even if it seems impossible - by working with you in a personalised nutrition & lifestyle programme that fits you and the way you live your life.


I believe that with the exact tools and techniques to take charge of your body, mind and soul you can achieve great things. You are capable and strong. And you deserve to know and feel that with every cell in your body. With my guidance along every step of the way you will create a solid mindset and habit foundation for your dream life.

Are you struggling through your day exhausted by your stressful life? Would you love to just wake up and feel in control of your time and health? Maybe you know that you could eat a bit better and move more, but lack the motivation and don't know where to start? 


It doesn't have to be that way. You can make a massive difference to the way you look and feel, but you need to start by prioritising yourself. Let me show you how.

Book your complimentary health & energy review now to discuss how I can guide you on the way to your most energised, focused and confident self. We will talk through your health & energy questionnaire, your goals and you'll receive at least one personalised,  immediately actionable recommendation.

Nina Fischer Nutrition Let's Work Togeth




Let's work together in a personalised 12-week nutrition and lifestyle coaching programme to guide you towards your most focused and confident self. 


Assemble my Digital Corporate Health & Wellness Bundles to a programme that is tailored to the needs of your team, improving their health, focus & energy while working from home.

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So thankful to Nina for helping me to improve my health; I have more energy, feel more empowered about my health and have had compliments on how much better my skin looks! Nina had a very encouraging and positive manner and sessions were well researched and detailed.


After just finishing the 12-week Program with Nina I feel the best I have in a while!

My goals were a more sufficient immune system and a more balanced energy level troughout the day.


With her very kind, caring and motivating support, answers to all of my questions and a plan, that made it easy for me to adjust to the new way of treating myself with simply good food, I've achieved so much more, than I would have in my own.


I've reached my goals and as a bonus my skin got better and I lost a little weight (which wasn't even a focus).


It was great learning so much throughout all the weeks especially the background information to understand why we were doing the things and what effect they do have on our bodies.


Super easy and quick recipes. I thought I was eating healthy and moving regularly and was pleasantly surprised by how much working with Nina affected my body in a positive way - Its so true you never stop learning.   


This is an eye-opening, life-changing programme.


It provides the knowledge, incentive and enthusiasm to live and eat healthily whilst losing none of life’s pleasure and infinite variety.




"We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own 'to do' list." 

- Michelle Obama

Book your complimentary health & energy review now to receive:

  • half an hour with a nutrition expert

  • we will discuss your health & energy scores (you'll receive a questionnaire to complete before our call)

  • personalised key recommendations you can implement straight away

I look forward to speaking with you.

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