Turning sufferers of poor skin health into radiant and confident super people through fun yet effective nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

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Do you wish you could have beautiful and smooth skin, but no expensive skin-care products or treatments seem to get you there? Would you love to just leave the house without any make-up on or confidently wear that dress that shows your arms and legs? Maybe you feel miserable every time you look in the mirror and just want to hide, but there seems to be no way to conceal your skin. It doesn't have to be that way.

I'm Nina Fischer-Yargici, a Nutritional Therapist and I’ve been there. I healed my own skin (and self-esteem) from the inside out. You can too. You can make a massive difference to the way you look and feel, but you need to start by prioritising yourself. Let me show you how.

My personalised nutrition & lifestyle programmes empower you to take charge of your skin issues, while being stress-free and fun. I will provide you with easy solutions that work with you and the way you live your life - even if you think you don’t have time for this right now. And when the going gets tough I will be there with motivation and support. 

Book your FREE 30 minute skin health review now where you'll receive my top tips for healing your skin from the inside out. Let me guide you on the way to your most radiant and confident self. 




Do something today for which your future self will thank you.



Personalised Eat to Glow nutrition and lifestyle coaching programmes for those who want to take charge of their skin health and be their most radiant and confident self. I offer consultations in English or German, face-to-face in Hampton Wick or remotely to wherever you are in the world.


Seasonally themed 30-day online programmes for small groups. You will receive instant access to effective nutrition and lifestyle changes for skin health, recipes, group support and video Q&As. 

The next one up is a 4 Week Detox with Yoga and Pilates classes starting on 1st May 2020.


I run a free private Facebook group called Nina’s Eat to Glow Café. It's a community for sufferers of poor skin health who want to become radiant and confident super(wo)men where I share infos around nutrition, lifestyle and skin health - positive, concise, relevant and real-life-proof.


I regularly give talks or organise events around skin nutrition at schools, local shops or clinics as well as for corporate clients. Please keep an eye on my facebook page for announcements. If you would like to request a talk please get in touch.

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After just finishing the 12-week Program with Nina I feel the best I have in a while! My goals were a more sufficient immune system and a more balanced energy level troughout the day. With her very kind, caring and motivating support, answers to all of my questions and a plan, that made it easy for me to adjust to the new way of treating myself with simply good food, I've achieved so much more, than I would have in my own.I've reached my goals and as a bonus my skin got better and I lost a little weight (which wasn't even a focus).

MIRJAM (1:1 Coaching)

So thankful to Nina for helping me to improve my health; I have more energy, feel more empowered about my health and have had compliments on how much better my skin looks! Nina had a very encouraging and positive manner and sessions were well researched and detailed.

ALEX (1:1 Coaching)

This is an eye-opening, life-changing programme. It provides the knowledge, incentive and enthusiasm to live and eat healthily whilst losing none of life’s pleasure and infinite variety.

SUE (Group Programme)

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